How a stylish uncluttered workspace can make you happier and more productive.

“A cluttered or disorganised environment will affect your clarity of thought. Organised surroundings and affairs will allow for clearer thought organisation”

I’m a firm believer that a tidy workspace is a more productive one. After a visit to Tokyo and seeing their minimalist clutter-less culture, something inside me stirred; a perception of how you can bring an element of style into your everyday surroundings was formed. We spend so much time and money making our homes stylish and comfortable, however where we are 8 hours a day 5 days a week is often forgotten. Six months ago I had a look at my work space. It was tidy, with your typical designers “organised chaos” situation stacked up on one side and the other side clear for my notes and mac.

At home i’d carved out a nice space for myself. My happy place. A raised table in my spare room, where my mac book sits on a glass top midst some fluffy green asparagus ferns (I saw a LOT of these in Japan) and some nice diptique candles. Amongst this calm I feel my productivity spikes. I decided to apply the same discipline to my work space in Marylebone. Not just have a tidy workspace but a curated area that reflects my style and creates a feeling of calm and reduced stress.

Clearing a space and adding things you love that calm you whilst not cluttering the area is really effective in giving that sense of space and productivity.

Everyone will have their own take on this I understand, and some will have more restrictions than others, but I bet there are things that can be done to give a spruced “clearer head” feel to your space.

Before the mini transformation I had a green wall divider behind my desk , Green is great but this didn’t fit with the vision I had for my space. It felt clunky and ugly, the opposite of what I needed to look at on a daily basis.

To cover the bright green wall I created a monochrome geometric print and finished it off with a copper tape trim. The white immediately lifted the space.

I added some plants in an different hightail and textures. A pink cactus, an asparagus fern (favourite for now) and another tree like succulent. All for under £7 and all needing minimal attention.

I love a little copper so I added a beautiful Tom Dixon London candle that my boyfriend gifted me. This looks so stylish, with its solid marble lid and copper case. It also smells glorious – even when unlit (you can’t light in the office) ..Its more for the mood and feel it gives. Its a splurge buy. any nice candle would work fine. If candles are a no no, a nice picture frame works well! I had a picture frame but more recently I found this black board light speech bubble. To write on it what you will. Inspiration, ideas the shopping!  Further additions are a large jug which I try to drink two of a day and a fig scented other stories hand cream for soft hand and decent smell reasons!

This fairly simple exercise has done wonders for my everyday mood.Try it, you’ll feel instantly happier in that space and influence others around you to do the same.


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