Apple cider vinegar in my water …. Let’s give it a go!

So there are apparently numerous benefits to drinking a spoon of apple cider vinagar in your boiled water. I read of better skin and aided digestion.It regulates your blood sugar so you don’t crave sugar as much, thus aiding weight loss.

I found this apple cider vinegar with manuka honey in Holland and Barrett, it’s was around £10. There were cheaper options but the addition of the manuka honey (which is apparently really good for you also) swung me. And as a bottle will last for at least a few months I thought I’d splash out and spend the tenner.

For my first cup yesterday I put a tea spoon of the apple cider vinegar in a cup of cooling boiled water. I tasted it and decided it was a little like mulled cider. Upon this discovery I upped the Dose to 2 tea spoons. This is the recommended dose but I was easing myself in.

The extra spoonful made the drink considerably less palatable! I mean considerably. It was a little like drinking fish and chips flavoured water… And not in a good way.

I will continue to post on the progress on my ACV intake and see if I am noticing the many benefits promised. Check in to see how it’s going.

Friday 13th of November.

I’m on my second cup! This is apparently cleaning me from the inside out! I’m excited but it’s extremely hard to drink, you don’t want to let it get cold as its every more difficult to stomach! I’ll be back on the 16th the a an update on my general wellness and if there’s any improvement! Lets hope so!


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