Luxury in Lombok at Selong Selo resort

Nestled in the hills of south Lombok the Selong Selo resort isn’t entirety unlike the Hollywood hills, adorned with Luxurious flat roofed villas and elegant infinity pools. The Lommy wood hills as my husband calls it, has breathtaking views of a golden sandy bay and clear sapphire water dotted with tiny fishing boats that twinkle at night attract local lobster.We stayed in one of their three bed villas.We were so overwhelmed with how beautiful it was I just needed to share.

You can have all your meals delivered to you at the villa no extra charge.

If you’re feeling fancy you can have a chef come in and cook for you in the villas kitchen.

For a full video tour see my instagram TV! It gives a really good overall feel for the place.

See below all the unique areas of this luxury property.

indoor living space

Loving room decor

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

View at night

The central bar and restaurant for the resort

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