How I found my tube sanity 

I kinda wish I’d waited until black Friday, but hey….I have no regrets . I’m so ecstatically happy with my life in London, I’m NEVER bored . I am in major love with this city . My only issue, the glaringly obviously one, is the tube commute. It’s what people from outside London site as the reason for never wanting to live here.

I sat with my friend over dinner two weeks ago, and we chatted about the absolute worst bits of the tube, and how to possibly make our daily commutes more bearable and even a useful part of the day.
For me the worst bit is not having to stand, this happens I’d say 50% of the time, being trapped in the entrance wells under taller people’s armpits and bags bumping and shoving me is horrendous, if I zone out what’s around me, however, I can just about manage it.

My main gripe is I feel like it’s two wasted hours in my day, where I just check social media whenever I can get wifi at stops. The constant announcements and wheels screeching on the tracks (Bakerloo line mainly for screeching) were stressing me out and really grating on my nerves. My headphones … the ones that came with my iPhone.. were not cutting it at all . I can hear music ok, but when it comes to audio books (yes audio books.) or I try and watch an episode of first dates or whatever, I can’t hear the shows above the announcements and track noises … When I do listen to music, it has to be pretty loud, but then most of the carriage can here my sometimes questionable music choices. Which is kinda rude.

I took myself off to John Lewis one lunch time and visited the tech area there is a LOT of choice!!

My criteria were

1. Noise cancelling

2. Wireless

3. Best sound

I tried them ALL! beats, Sony and countless other brands I had never heard of. I talked to every staff member in the area, deliberated for the rest of the day … came back that evening, tried my top three again and settled on the Bose. Rigorous selection process I know!

I settled on the Bose because I was really into the noise cancelling. Call it an early Christmas present, but I felt like I needed them for my sanity. 
I’ve been using the these every day since now. They are the single most life-enhancing item I own after my phone.
Travelling to work, They take the edge off of all life sounds, public transport being the most noteable. I watch downloaded channel 4 programmes on my phone mainly. Sometimes music, and when I’m writing a post…like right now, on the tube, the noise cancelling filters cut most distractions. When I really need to zone in at work they are great (no one disturbs you when you have these on) and being wireless I can wear them around the office and walk freely without wires pulling on me which i love. In the gym, I can now prop my phone on the machines and eaI couldn’t do this before as it had the headphone wire coming out the bottom! This is a big deal!! 

WORTH EVERY PENNY!! treat yourself to tube sanity. Some Black Friday deals below. 

Bose deal 

Ugg headphones deal 

Sony wireless headphones deal  


  1. Fab post and I can relate to every word of it. Definitely going to look into getting a pair. Thanks for the recommendation and we’ll detailed as always xx

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