See why Chloe is back in my No.1 handbag spot!


Chloe has always been my handbag brand of choice, Only ever owning a few designer bags , Chloe has been the brand I’ve repeat purchased. It being so elegant and French an allllllll !

My first was the Chloe Kerala Equestrian Bag, Its dark rich leather and jewellery like charms looked so exclusive!! I still own and use this, its donkeys years old and it wasn’t one of those in your face statement bags….so I still get away with it … It looks like battered old doctors bag, But I think that adds to the charm. 

The Chloe Paddington, ruined my financial life for about 6 months BUT I HAD TO HAVE IT , like every basic bitch at the time I bought this at the height of its popularity….and at the time I loved it. BUT with so many counterfeit versions it took the shine off, and it didn’t feel as special, so I flogged it on Ebay for a fraction of the price. *furrowed brow*

Lastly in 2010 I got the Chloe Helouise,  I fell in love with its soft slouchy leather, and when that net a porter box arrived I knew I wouldn’t regret my decision…BUT I certainly did!! Every piece of dark denim and leather I wore dry rubbed on it …and in no time the soft slouchy creases were tainted with black stripes… it resembled a tired leathery tiger skined looking relic…. I sold it for a tenner at a stall I set up in west Hampstead in 2013, (scroll to bottom of post to see embarrassing  pic of that) where I parted with about 10 years of old clothes before we moved into our new home!….the  girl that bought it was happy….. and I wasn’t too disgruntled at the meager price as it was ruined. I fell RIGHT out of love with Chloe for many years, It’s direction was lost on me and felt a bit passé , until this season when my faith has been rekindled with this new mix of leathery beauties.

The Faye is hands down my most coveted style, but I have a LOT of time for the pretty little drew and the more contemporary look of the Baylee. These are my top three but the entire collection is pretty special! Feast your eyes on the below!


 get the chloe faye  here

Photo credit My Theresa


get the Chloe drew here

Photo credit My Theresa


get the Chloe Baylee here

Photo credit My Theresa


Get Chloe mini Hudson here

Photo credit My Theresa


Get Chloe Gala here

Photo credit My Theresa


Get the Chloe Hudson here

Photo credit My Theresa

chloe faye

 Get Chloe Faye here

Photo credit My Theresa


 get the Chloe Jodie here

Photo credit My Theresa


Get the Chloe Faye bracelet here

Photo credit My Theresa


Get the Chloe Hudson suede here

Photo credit My Theresa






As promised my selling my wears on a stall in west Hampstead! goodbye Helouise…


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