Why I love this face base and why you will too! 

After years of make up trial .. I’d say 20 if I take into account slapping on some sort of lip gloss at the tender age of 12.

I have agreed on my firm face faves …. for now…

The above picture features the chosen ones. It’s a grand old mixture, as a base layer these are unrivalled in my quest for a light durable dewy coverage.  All of the products are soft long lasting and give a natural glow.

  1.  Anastasia Beverly Hills contour cream kit in fair.
  2. Chanel vitalumier in shade 20 cameo
  3. Armani luminous silk powder
  4. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, Porcelain
  5. Hour glass ambient eutrophic strobe light
  6. And other stories canvas taupe blush
  7. Beau belle “toothbrush” contour blending brush
  8. Mac 187 powder and highlighter
  9. Medium kabuki foundation brush

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