How I revived my bleached burned blonde hair.

Hair repair and growth cheat sheet


The Inversion method … The basics and some new products I swear by!

To give you a brief history…My fine mousey mane has always been the bain of my life. Like a lot of people I fall in the mouse category, a greyish light brown colour that’s draining and washes out my skin. So from about the age of 12 I took it upon myself to rectify mother natures error of not creating me blonde to begin with. This correction came in the form of “nice and easy” home colour kits. As you can imagine a 12 year old spending her lunch money on bleach and dying her hair in a locked bathroom went all kinds of wrong! And of course my hair went that incipid mustard orange tone everyone is petrified of, on the upside I was taken to a local hairdresser who redyed and toned it! My Virgin hair was no more I was a little blonde! But my hair never again grew more than 2 inches below my shoulder and that silky feeling that I was actustomed to with my old mouse hair has was gone and replaced with crunchy straightened hair. But as a teen I wasn’t all too bothered about the condition, the colour was the key factor! For the next almost 20 years now I’ve been dying my hair blonde and I know I will continue as I look so much healthier this colour. Here are the things I’ve done to rescue my hair in 2015. As you can see in the picture it was in  pretty bad condition last year  however I no longer have that crispy blonde look, it’s much healthier and thicker heres a few tricks and products that rescued my hair.

Water is key

Firstly the obviously stuff Drinking lots of water! I drink at least a 1-2 litres a day. This hydrates the hair from the inside!


Eating hair promoting foods… I don’t eat all of these but  I do eat most! Have a look at this article from style caster for more info on why these foods are good for growth!

  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Oysters
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Almonds

 My silk pillow case

I always had Russell Brand (circa 2010) hair in the mornings. That back bit in the middle always fluffed to a knotty matted mess meaning 5-8 mins trying to brush it through before work. this one sided silk pillow case is on sale at a reasonable 15 pounds. Unlike cotton pillowcases you hair won’t matt and knot at the back because the silk causes way less friction!

 Using a micro fiber towel!

This is to do with the fabric in normal towels pulling and Damaging your hair when you put it in that turban thing all girls do.The micro fiber towel doesn’t have loops and is really light and doesn’t pull!

 Grow Gorgeous

I don’t know how Grow gorgeous works and to be honest I didn’t notice lots of growth but I did notice the thickness and quality seemed to improve a lot! I would recommend it if your hair is limp and needs a bit of body!

 Using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners 

My sister who is a hair dresser recommended using sulfate free shampoo. Most shampoo contains sulfate but it weakens the hair and drys out the oils. Also if you have coloured hair it washes the colour out faster. Have a look at this article for more details. I love the Argon oil shampoo and conditioner it’s creamy and it smells so good!

 Hair masks twice a week

I love KÉRASTASE MASQUE FORCE it’s great but I have actually found one I love even more! Caviar repair it’s expensive buy totally worth it as it lasts ages and has gotten rid of that crispy sound at the end of my hair! Hallelujah!

This is a kooky growth tip

Errol Douglas did my hair for a shoot last month and he recommended hanging your head upside down for a few minutes each day to promote circulation around the scalp and promote growth! As you do … I’ve not tried this one yet but have a look at this Inversion method as it promises promote growth of one inch in a week …


I’ve been taking this for about two months now and the thickness of my hair has improved immensely. I’m not noticing the length just yet but apparently that’s just round the corner! I read this Cosmo Article and it’s giving me lots of hope that 2016 will be my year of long strong hair!

Last few bits… Boar hair brush most gentle on the hair! Non metal hair ties I like these Invisibobbles and last but not least sleep! I do not get enough of this but apparently it makes a big difference!

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