How I upped my browgame in 9 weeks

Like many of you I have been over plucking my eyebrows since the fresh prince of bel air was still running and Alicia Silverstone was still relevant.

I naturally have a high arch,  and for the past 15 years I have plucked away at it until I had the “perfect” paper thin surprised shape de jour brow.

2010 this is 1 hair dept brow had a deeply astonished arch. 👇🏻

The whole side of this brow has vanished in 2011👇🏻

By the time Cara Delevingne showed me the error of my ways it was too late … I had a bald brow.

I often hear people saying “l listened to my mother when she told me not to touch my eyebrows!”  I envy these wise people and wish I’d been as obedient.

So I thought … Is there anything I can do? I want a piece of this brow pie and I don’t want that slick drawn on look.

After doing a tonne of research I resolved that I needed some miracle hair growth solution for my face!

I took to the web to source the best affordable growth serum.  For the past 9 weeks I used this rapid lash growth serum 3-4 times a week, at night on my brows and lashes.

I also looked at a natural growth enhancing option, and found that Castor Oil was being banded around as the way to go on this front.

Again I got this pretty cheaply on Amazon. You can get it in Holland and Barrett too but it was about £8 and in a massive bottle, which I didn’t need.
I keep this in my drawer at work and put it on every time I get a glimpse of my sparse brow on the shiny side bit of my iMac.

In addition I purchased a bag of these spooli’s  to apply the oil. I found these to have a similar life span to bobbi pins and hair bobbles I had 25 two months ago and now can find 3 if I’m lucky. They are really handy for brushing up your brows and and distributing product.


So now 9 weeks after starting my brow rehabilitation I have definitely noticed a marked difference! Lots of new growth! Starting off as soft baby hairs daring to peak out for the first time in years and becoming strong fully fledged members of my new brow squad!

There were times that I had to prise the tweezers out of my hands when  ad hoc hairs were sprouting up with gappy areas in between! But I will say that sticking it out is definitely worth it as I now have a brow that I don’t HAVE to pencil in. I can do that new bushy shaggy look … Well sort of but it’s getting there.

10.11.15 Metro shoot

So today I did a metro real women shoot and was lucky enough to get my make up done by YSL.

I was chatting to Marcio and Lucia about my brow rehab, as you do… and then they introduced me to THIS!!!   YSL couture brow  in shade 2 for blondes and shade 1 for darker hair. 

 This is something I wasn’t even aware existed! BROW MASCARA that doesn’t make you look like slugs have fallen asleep on your forehead! It is delicate, coats the hair  and stays away from your skin.

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