It’s our anniversary and this is …How he proposed 

Rich not really one to get into soppy declarations of love or affection, (which can I say is fine by me … Most of the time) but I did wonder how he was going to propose. He’s got one of those very confusing chandler bing type jobs, but can be extremely creative and thoughtful, so I knew it wouldn’t be your run of the mill proposal.

We had met on Plenty of fish in May 2013, after both of us had been pretty active on the dating scene for about 18mnts. I absolutely loved single life… especially in London. It is was going to take someone pretty decent to make me sit up, take notice and permanently delete the dating apps. But he did. And after 6 months of dating we got pretty serious and bought our first home together in south London.

18 months later we adopted some cats so I guess you could say things had escalated to that space where, every time you venture out as a couple, all everyone says is “oh you’ll be next” or “do you guys want to get married” .

To be honest by this time, it was on my mind a lot too and probably had been for a bit. it can be quiet the waiting game this proposal lark and to give all the credit in the world to him he could not have done it in a more personal, gut wrenchingly sweet way.

He said to keep Sunday the 24th of April free as we “hadn’t done much around London recently” I had a tiny suspicion that the big Q could be on the cards . I brushed it off as he books things like this in all the time. Making him sound v sweet again here, he is he’s a gem. Previous surprises in the past I that’s I THOUGHT were going to be the big Q, but were in fact just nice surprises … Surprises slightly tinged with disappointment as they were not, in fact the big Q….

The day before he suggested shopping. A welcome but rare occurrence, and while I did my usual pick up 5 things I like… Love them all …. Can’t choose… He took the bundle of dresses from me and proceeded to the checkout… Buying them ALL… I was utterly floored! This must mean something!!!!! My friend Sarah was texting me at the time and I text her a pic… It’s gotta be tomorrow…

Sunday morning 10am. “There’s a dog on the tube line” we were told…The tube was integral to the plan, I didn’t know at the time but things were planned into a timely schedule. We went off to Gravney & Meadow, one of our locals for a coffee and a wait … It was here sipping my latte that cemented the thought that this was thee day!

With the bundle of dresses he bought me the day before and the uncharacteristic figiting and constant checking of TFL to see if dog gate had been resolved. I was fairly confident It was imminent.

Our first stop on as Waterloo bridge. We walked to a spot 3/4 way across and he said “remember we had our first picture together here, we should take another one now” Honestly I felt sick ” I thought he was going to drop down on one knee at Waterloo bridge there and then…..he didn’t, and we took a picture… I was desperately trying to hold back the emotion at this point as I thought THIS IS IT … But It wasn’t it ….and keeping it together I turned as he pointed out the London eye… “Look you can see the London EYE from here” . I looked at him bemused “yeah …. that’s always been there love” this confused me… Anyway … we hopped back on the tube. He wasn’t even letting me know what tube stop we were getting off at so I had no time to work out or guess any plan. We got off at Oxford Circus and he walked me to Liberties of London. He told me to pick some flowers I liked! This was the first place he bought me flowers and had them sent to my office at the beginning of our relationship.

Again massively confused by this because I didn’t know what the hell the flowers has got to do with proceedings,I picked some and had them sent to me for the next day… So then it got a little messed up . He told me that YO sushi was next but we had to skip that bit as the dog on the track earlier completely messed up the timings … we were to get an Uber from there to MAddisons for brunch… God only knows how many lunches he thought I was going to eat that day… Most people will have seen some sort of pattern in the letters this point but my brain was swimming with…what if it’s not it? ….and excitement. I just thought we were cruising around London to all our favourites bits possibly. MAddisons was where we had our second date, on the tube there I was really overcome with emotion. I seriously had to work on not sobbing on the central line. After rooftop boozy brunch in MAddisons. We walked through patterostern square and I spotted the first dates restaurant. Me not knowing the plan at this point and thinking we were just doing things we liked around London though this would be the perfect addition to the day as we are big first dates fans! Perching in THEE iconic bar seats. We had a few cocktails and a shot Yamasaki whiskey! Nerves calmed… We got in an über to Regent’s PaRk This is where we met on out third date on a hot summers evening in 2013 and again I felt really overwhelmed and emosh walking around, with a constant lump in my throat trying to hold my shit together.
we were going one more place he said… I thought to myself … It’s going to be the experimental cocktail club where we had our first date. We headed over to china town to that little black door with no sign and a sorta secret knock… The first time I met him and he took me here I remember thinking Rich was kinda cool. Waiting was the exact table where we had our first date! At this point I had had downed enough whiskey Procecco and cocktails to take the edge off the the imminent. We orders some drinks chatted about how we felt the first time we met there… and then he asked me ” so where have we been today” I started listing everything off in a random order. Skipping bits… Basically ruining his plan!We then started listing them off, to be honest some of the links were a little tenuous, like the I in WILL was the London eye… I am NOT that clever! And the double R in Regent’s Park. Tenuous times. He came sat next to me took both of my hands then slowly got down on one knee. I can’t describe the feeling it was actually so surreal. But lovely and amazing of course! He had a place holder ring so id have something to wear that night and put it on my finger! I have seriously never felt that feeling before it was sheer joy! I can’t compare it to anything else thus far. It was such a perfect and thoughtful day, bringing together all of the the memories we made in the time we were together and making a shiny brand spanking new one! My heart could have literally burst that night. We went on to goucho for dinner. I’d never been before and it was such a nice place. At work the next day I felt like I was walking on an actual cloud. I cannot actually construct a proposal in my head that would have been more special and personal to us, and I’m so proud to share it on the one year anniversary of when it happened!

He worked so hard at coming up with it, and it’s means so much to me. 

The ring and the desert…. that’s another blog post xx

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