The Top 15 for 2015! Girlfriend Gift Guide

Personalised Christmas Bauble

From gorgeous personalised goodies, kitch stocking fillers, to pricey presents! These are my favourite bits for under the tree in 2015!

Personalised Christmas bauble

The idea of giving your partner or loved one a special bauble for the tree each year makes me all warm and fuzzy! Something personal that signifies the year just passed or a funny little in joke! I think it’s a really fun and sentimental idea that will be looked back on with nostolgic findness for years to come. This is a tradition I am stating in our house this year! I love these from 27!

Or this beautifully beaded lobster from the Conran shop! to quote phobie from friends. “She’s his lobster” *grin*

Handwriting bracelet

I think this is so pretty! You can write out a name and the bracelet is mounded in sterling silver in your handwriting, so cool!! I also love this as a granny or mother present!! So personal!

better get ordering this one quick though as its from cali!

Rose gold and lavender Apple Watch

Ok so I don’t have one of these so I can only comment on this from a style perspective! As I have a penchant for rose gold this was always a winner for me! And I love how the metal pops against the muted lavender! Of course there are all the great features you can read about Here too!

Fancy Christys hat

These hats are great for girls who are really into quality headwear that not everyone else will have! Christies hats are made to last,have a lush interior, look timeless and scream class!

Monica Vinader pendant

These MV letter pendants are perfect for a personal touch! So wearable with everything! An all year round jewellery staple

Tom Dixon candle

Ok so you might think candle… Really? But oh my lord these Tom Dixon scented candles are not only an interior design statement, with this metallic outer and solid marble lid. They smell INCREDIBLE! Like the scent you get when you walk into a rally expensive shop. This engulfs the room in a subtle understated way! Can you tell I live it *sigh* I got mine as part of my birthday present last year and I love it. I has lasted ages too! Great mum present too!

Large Icelandic sheepskin rug

I’ve bought a few of these for friends and they have been a big hit! They are so luxurious and look great draped over a chair or couch! These super soft sheepskins are much thicker and longer than the usual, the wool is long and shaggy in appearance.The Icelandic sheepskins are from rare breeds found in Iceland, completely natural and un-dyed retaining their original markings and colour, the sheepskin rugs are a sustainable product.

A scarf from Zara

Zara do the most amazing scarfs! From blanket to skinny scarf you can’t go wrong with one of these!

Bando Illustrated organisers

I got one of these Bando organisers 2 months ago and I absolutely adore all the little illustrations, notes, quotes and stickers!  Perfect for the organiser in your life!

CHANEL nail colours
This nail varnish is a real treat! It’s so shiny and the shades are gorgeous! They sell in all good department stores. Debenhams and Boots have the best deals at the moment!

Bridesmaids- Help me I’m poor mug

I can’t think of a movie I love more than bridesmaids … Well maybe clueless for nostalgic reasons…but how hilarious is this coffee mug for the bridesmaids fan in your life! If she’s not seen the movie maybe buy her the DVD first  🙂

Floating glitter phone case

I need one of these in my life!! This Eye-catching iPhone case features a mezmerizing floating glitter display that will have you shaking your phone like a toddler with a new rattle! This is a premium stocking filler!!

Chloe Mini Marcie Nude Cross Body Bag

This is my total wild card for you know .. If you’re a lottery winner or want to splash the big bucks on your lady!!


What can I say about this! It’s an absolutely spectacular gift. If you’re really into makeup or just wanting to start from scratch with a new brand! This is a great shout! Here’s what Selfridges have to say about their exclusive product!



A book of make-up magic to cast a spell… Charlotte shares her beauty secrets in 12 magical make-up cabinets. It’s the perfect way to discover the make-up world of Charlotte Tilbury. Each day, reveal a miracle-working product from her award-winning collection, including a suprise new product launching in January. A favourite of Hollywood, the fashion world, make-up artists, facialists and industry in

 & other stories body care

These delicious scents means it a real treat opening every pot, they are s0 irresistible and addictive  that you’ll be coming back for more before your pot eve runs out!!

I am addicted to the fresh and light  fig fiction soaps and lotion, I am on my third round since last christmas but with a meagre £4- £7  price tag this is not a problem !

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