The cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world ….(Hong Kong)

We went to Tim Ho Wan tonight to try the legendary B.B.Q pork buns. They certainly did not disappoint… however most of the rest of the menu really did. We sampled about a quarter of it and the majority of the dishes were a bit over salted and oily.

Exceptions being the BBQ buns, the egg roll with shrimp and the stir fried noodles with soya sauce which were great.

Everything was exceptionally cheap between 2 and 4 GBP a dish which is of course great value, however if we’d have had to queue like a lot of the reviews had mentioned it wouldn’t have been worth it.

See the menu and some of the dishes below

order form and what we ordered


Steamed dumplings with Chiu in chow style

Steam beef-ball with bean curd skin

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